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Developer Diary: Umbraco Festival Deutschland 2019

Well, it's been a while since I blogged! What better excuse to start back than a conference trip!

Umbraco APIs with Swagger

Usually, my Umbraco projects involve extending Umbraco to contain custom APIs. As with any API we write, developers want to document it, for other devs, or maybe just ourselves!

SWiT Awards 2018

On 24th October this wee developer stepped out of her converse and in to some heels and to attend the Scotland Women in Tech awards. A chance to wear a nice dress and meet other women in tech? I’m in!
20/10/2018 umbraco codecabin

Developer Diary: CodeCabin 2018

3 nights, 23 techies, lots of food and an amazing view... what else could you want from an (un)conference?! In October 2018, I packed my bag and headed over the border to the north of England. I was off to CodeCabin 2018, hosted in Grindleford in the peak district to join a group of fellow Umbraco developers for a weekend of learning and coding.
15/10/2018 umbraco alexa headless

Umbraco Headless Alexa Skill

If we are already friends, you will now I like to make API driven (headless) systems! Particularly connecting different systems, for example CMS content beyond just the website. Therefore when Umbraco announced their Headless service, I was intrigued to what could be done with it.
15/10/2018 podcasts recommendations

Developer Podcasts

A few months ago, I asked for some podcast recommendations. Much to my surprise, I received so many recommendations! I have managed to listen to many of these since then, so thought I would share some of my favourites for developers.
12/10/2018 developerDiary meetups speaking

Developer Diary: Ada Lovelace Day 2018

Ada Lovelace Day is a day of celebration of women in STEM, their contributions and encouraging young women to join us in STEM jobs.
23/07/2018 developerBookClub books

Developer Book Club : A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Next up on the developer book club is: A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug by Sarah Lacy. Or to give it's full name "A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug: The Working Woman's Guide to Overthrowing the Patriarchy".

Developer Diary: CodeGarden 2018

It’s that time of year again, when I try and describe the indescribable that is Umbraco’s developer conference, Codegarden. Every CG experience has been different for me: 2016 I was totally new and didn’t know anyone at all. 2017 I was giving a talk and was awarded MVP (still trying to believe it) and then now at CG18 I was lucky enough to be in Odense a few days early for the codegarden retreat. Here's a wee overview of another awesome CodeGarden.
28/05/2018 umbraco codegarden cg18

CodeGarden Retreat 2018

About this time of year for the last few years I write a blog post about going to Umbraco Codegarden. But this year it’s a bit different… I arrived in Odense a few days earlier as I was invited to the pre conference retreat.

Developer Book Club

A collection of development/ tech books I have been reading.

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