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03/07/2021 dotnet csharp preview umbraco

New in C# 10: Global Usings

With .Net 6 in preview, it's time to look forward to the new version of C# 10 we'll see released later this year. This first post in a series of blogs about C# 10 will be discussing Global Using Statements.
21/06/2021 developerDiary

Developer Diary 2021: week 24

Football, football, football... and a conference talk!
13/06/2021 developerDiary

Developer Diary 2021: week 23

A week off work...kept busy with appointments, virtual conference, family visits and Euro 2020.
07/06/2021 azure microsoft

Passing the AZ-900 exam (at home)

Tips on studying for and sitting the AZ-900 exam at home.
06/06/2021 developerDiary

Developer Diary 2021: week 22

Sunshine, bank holiday, passed an exam and family visits.
30/05/2021 developerDiary

Developer Diary 2021: week 21

Speaking at MS Build, meetups, work and a staycation citybreak.
29/05/2021 developerDiary microsoftBuild dotnet

Microsoft Build 2021

The biggest conference of the year for those of us who work in Microsoft stack, Microsoft Build, was this week. There were over 300 sessions across timezone were hosted for free on-line. Here is a wee summary of what I watched, learned & spoke about at Build...
23/05/2021 developerDiary

Developer Diary 2021: week 20

A very busy week!
16/05/2021 developerDiary

Developer Diary 2021: week 19

Welcome to Developer Diary, a weekly chat to share what a week as a developer is like, for me at least 😊
09/05/2021 umbraco umbracov9 dotnet cli

Working with Umbraco v9 beta in CLI

Now we are in .Net core territory with Umbraco v9 (beta), we can utilise the .Net CLI introduced in .Net Core 2.1. Let's have a look at using the CLI to build our Umbraco application.

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