Developer Diary 2021: week 16

25/04/2021 developerDiary

Meetups, sunshine, new tech and baking... a good balance.

What's been happening?

On Tuesday we had our Umbraco Glasgow meetup with awesome talks from Shanice and Nik. 

We've had sunshine here in Glasgow this week, so a few runs in the sun has been good fun! I have been eating healthier for a few weeks and I definitely notice the difference in how I feel.

The weekend was code free this week... with family visits, dog walking, baking and gardening (well, planting some new plants for the balcony!)

Reading 📚

Listening 🎧

Learning 👩‍💻

I have been playing with .Net MAUI this week, looking forward to seeing more as .Net 6 release gets closer. Also excited to hear about the upcoming Visual Studio 2022 preview.

Watching 📺

Goals for next week:

  • Take time to relax in evening (no laptop!)
  • Run (even though the weather won't be as nice this week!)