Developer Diary 2021: week 18

09/05/2021 developerDiary

Learning, coding, meetups, voting and a wee bit of normality!

What's been happening?

Weather has been terrible, so last week's goal to leave the house more was a bit of a fail! But I did achieve the one about Umbraco v9 (see "learning" section). The learn-a-thon meetup had around 75 attendees join us to learn and share knowledge with the group, was good fun!

First meal out in a restaurant in about 6 months! Between this and being able to go to shops, it's been a bit of normality after staying home for so long!

Reading 📚

Listening 🎧

Great to hear the new podcast from Package Manifest, 2 awesome Umbraco MVPs and experienced Umbraco devs.

We also had our latest Candid Contributions episode, "It's just sparking consequences" where we discuss learning (and growing) in public.

Learning 👩‍💻

This week we had the first if 4 Umbraco v9 "learn-a-thons", so most of my learning has been related to that! I have written a post on using CLI in Umbraco v9 beta.

I have also been looking at GitHub codespaces for an upcoming talk I'll be giving.

Watching 📺

It's been a busy week so not alot of time for TV. It's mostly been football and politics shows (there was an election here in Scotland this week). Other than that, more Schitt's creek!

Goals for next week:

  • Leave desk at lunch break.
  • Run 2x.