Developer Diary 2021: week 9

06/03/2021 developerDiary

Welcome to Developer Diary, this week was a busy one for both community and day job! Presenting workshops and table talks, training and lots of reading.

What's been happening?

Some weeks I struggle to write this bit... well not this week! It's been a busy one!

Last Saturday I spoke virtually at Scottish Summit. It was a pre-recorded session, but watching myself "live" was a bit strange! The talk "Getting Started with Blazor" is here if you'd like to learn more.

This week Emma and I ran 3 "Speakers Academy" sessions to help folks in Umbraco community generate ideas for conference talks and support in writing CFPs. It was a bit surreal finding ourselves presenting to some community super heroes who are very experienced at sharing their skills with community.

On Thursday, I co-hosted a Table Talk at Microsoft Ignite with Emma, Laura & Lotte. We discussed a topic we have chatted a lot about in the last year or so... Contributing to Open Source!

With all of that in mind, my goals for last week were maybe a little unrealistic. I did manage to run twice, do a few yoga sessions and stretch a bit each day.

Reading 📚

2 really interesting Lead Dev articles:

It was super cool to see Candid Contributions have been added to the "Umbracians in Action" section of the Umbraco Community site.

This post on Umbraco long term support versions was really good to see documents, great to see it is planned with .Net LTS in mind. Confirmation of the vNext version being v9 now too.

I loved this post on "Make love not poor editor experience" by Dennis Adolfi.

I build alot of Umbraco based APIs, so I found the Umbraco HQ report on Headless really interesting.

Janae's honest and heartfelt post on Skrift "Burning out at both ends" was very interesting and relateable to alot of people. I think it will be one of those community posts we reference for along time. Thank you Janae!

Listening 🎧

A nice mix of geeky, news and pop culture!

Learning 👩‍💻

I had some training this week on feedback and coaching. I find this really useful and interesting as it's not specifically technical skills but so important for developers.

Watching 📺

WandaVision season Finale. No spoilers!

I really enjoyed Lisa Clark's talk from Scottish Summit on "How starting a podcast got me through a pandemic". 

We started watching Superstore. Good fun for after a busy day!

Goals for next week:

  • Rest More!

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