Developer Diary 2021: week 7

20/02/2021 developerDiary

Welcome to Developer Diary, a weekly chat to share what a week as a developer is like, for me at least 😊

What's been happening?

The snow melted and I was able to run! Managed my 2 run target and another online yoga class! Win! Hopefully my fitness is improving week on week.

I spent my Sunday away from my computer and built a Lego Porg, follow the adventure here

On Tuesday, I was hosting Glasgow Umbraco (GLUUG) meetup. We had a great talk from Tim and had a community chat about what we see for Umbraco in 2021.

On Wednesday, I was speaking at .Net Edinburgh meetup about "What's new in .Net 5 and C# 9". It was good fun to attend the new meetup, hopefully I'll get to visit them in Edinburgh one day when it's an "in person" meetup.

It was a 4 day working week for me, so I spent my Friday out walking in the rain with my mum and Darcy the dog. Nice way to relax after a busy week!

Reading 📚

.Net 6 preview 1 release notes and the ASP .Net 6 version too.

I was tagged in a thread about what books people are reading at the moment, so that's added many books to the already too busy book backlog for me!

Listening 🎧

A mix of code, tech and pop culture podcasts this week!

Learning 👩‍💻

As mentioned on twitter, I have been working on my presentations skills this week. Presenting while navigating slides, code and command line all while talking, is a skill that takes alot of effort and energy! It's something I have been trying to improve on in recent talks... practice makes perfect right?!

Watching 📺

Framing Britney Spears

Umbracoffee with Callum and Poornima.

WandaVision Ep 6 & 7

Goals for next week:

  • Run twice.
  • Investigate Umbraco .Net 5 Alpha.