Developer Diary: 2021 week 3

22/01/2021 developerDiary

Welcome to Developer Diary, a weekly chat to share what a week as a developer is like, for me at least 😊 It was my birthday this week so I had a few days off work. Not much to do in lockdown birthdays but walks in the park and watching movies!

What's been happening?

I attended the CodeCraft meetup on Thursday. This is a really good meetup so now it's virtual, I can recommend it to so many more people! This month it was the now traditional January "bring a book" meetup where we all bring along a book we've enjoyed. 

I have managed to continue on with Yoga with Adriene 30 day journey, I have done my session at lunch a few times, I enjoyed this as a nice way to get away from desk and take a break.

I also managed to run this week, so I will take that as a positive. I am not in good fitness levels for running at the moment, I think I need to put my ego to one side and start from the beginning, even if that means a walking break mid run!

We had our first podcast release on Candid Contributions this week, we discussed what's new for us in 2021, running remote meetups and tech's moral responsibilities.

Reading 📚

I am reading "Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager", this is the book I took along to the meetup. I usually have a techy book and a fiction book I am reading at same time.

I really loved this article "Be Kinder to Yourself". I am guilty of negative self talk, particularly when stressed or struggling with confidence. This article was really useful and I have already shared it with friends who I think would benefit from it.

"How I recovered from imposter syndrome after changing career to software engineering." by the awesome Francis Maxwell who I met at Ladies of Code meetups. I really love this honest account of career switching.

"Inside the Running of Skrift Magazine" by Erica Quessenberry. It was great to hear the origin story & last 6 years of the online Umbraco magazine run by Erica, Janae and Kyle.

Listening 🎧

Bechdel Cast episode on Grease was funny as always. If you haven't listened to their take on your favourite movies, I would recommend.

I do like a true crime podcast series. I heard Teacher's Pet be recommended on another podcast so thought I'd give it a listen. I am a few episodes in and finding it interesting.

As I am sure many High Low fans are doing, I have been listening to Pandora present the podcast series "The Missing" where she reports on missing person cases in the UK.

You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton- She's had some great guests on her show, but this episode with Nancy Pelosi is particularly good and timely as they discuss the recent events at the Capitol and upcoming (at the time) inauguration.

Learning 👩‍💻

Much like alot of people this week, I have been learning alot about American politics and inauguration procedures. Not going to lie, I loved the fashion but also learning the historical and cultural meaning behind alot of it. I really loved the poem by Amanda Gorman "The Hill We Climb", her words and performance were perfect.

Watching 📺

I have missed a few movies from not being able to go to cinema in the last year or so. This weekend, we caught up with Tenet & Wonder Woman 1984. I enjoyed watching these at home, but wish we could go to cinema soon, I really do miss it.

I watched The September Issue, a documentary released in 2009 about the making of the Vogue September Issue. 

WandaVision- I enjoyed the first 2 episode's I have seen so far, looking forward to seeing how it evolves and we see more how it fits into MCU.

Goals for next week:

  • Keep going with Yoga.
  • Longer term goal - get back to a comfortable 5km.


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