Developer Diary: 2021 week 2

15/01/2021 developerDiary

First full week back to work routine and I managed to continue on with the blog and also some other positive routines, I will take that as a win!

What's been happening?

I have continued on with Yoga with Adriene, now 14 days in! I have found it really beneficial mentally, to relax and be more mindful. I find it hard to sit still and meditate, so yoga is good for me as I can still move around. It's also helping with some shoulder and neck pain I was really struggling with at end of 2020. If you want a cosy yoga session, I recommend Day 8, if you'd like a stretch after sitting at a desk, Day 14 is a belter.

I attended the London Umbraco Meetup on Thursday. First meetup of the year! Good fun catching up with the Community.

I done a task I had been stressing about: Meetup planning (Ladies of Code, GLUUG and Scottish Developers) for the next few months. It's actually been good fun and a way to chat to friends about speaking, session ideas etc. Community events are a great way to meet new folks and stay in touch, this was a good reminder. 

Baking- I made an apple crumble! Usually I bake and share with work pals or family, so haven't been baking too much this last year. Apple crumble is a favourite in our house, nice and cosy for cold winter days😊

Reading 📚

Vogue article with Kamala Harris 

Still reading same book as last week. It's been more of a podcast week for me.

Listening 🎧

Table Manners S11 Ep 1: Elizabeth Olsen- This is one of the podcasts I listen to the day it's released, it's just a lovely, cosy, family meal vibe.

How I Built This: Patreon- If you haven't listened to this podcast yet, I would recommend having a look through their previous episodes. This one with the founder of Patreon was super interesting.

Grounded with Louis Theroux: Riz Ahmed - My favourite kind of podcast, where 2 people you already like their work get together for a chat.

Americast- I have a feeling this will be on the list every week for a while! 

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Bring It On is 20! - A walk down memory lane to discuss a classic film for me and discuss how it may be different if it was made now.

Learning 👩‍💻

I have done some reviewing of the new built in API docs in .Net 5 WebAPI. I decided to document it in a blog post. I'd used Swagger quite a bit previously but nice to see what will be in built to WebAPI now.

I have been playing with Tailwind CSS this week, it describes itself as a "utility first CSS framework". Anyone who knows me knows I am not a front end developer, but I found this interesting way to style components and get started quickly (particularly as someone who doesn't write alot of CSS). 

Watching 📺

In lockdown (again!) I have been watching alot of football, both Scottish and English premier leagues. I always really enjoy FA cup early rounds with the small local teams playing huge teams and how much it can impact their community. Like Marine hosting Spurs this week.  

We have started watching the movies in MCU in chronological order so we watched Captain America this week, next up Captain Marvel.

Goals for next week:

  • Continue Yoga
  • Get up a little earlier- yoga/ read/ run before work? Let's start with just getting up a wee bit earlier and go from there.
  • Make time to read.

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