Developer Diary 2021: week 14

10/04/2021 developerDiary

"Don't call it a comeback"... I finally managed to write a technical blog for the first time for months! A long weekend meant lots of coding, learning & alot of watching TV.

What's been happening?

Being totally honest, I have been feeling pretty rubbish as I have been struggling with back/ neck pain. I don't want to be negative on the weekly blog but also feel it's important to be realistic. I am going to work on changing my routine a bit to help it.

On Wednesday we had our second Scottish Developers virtual meetup. Hosting these live on YouTube is still something that's new to me, but hopefully something I will improve on the more experience I get! Check out the video with the talks from Christos and Craig.

As per my goal in last post, I have started studying for my Azure Fundamentals exam. I haven't, however done much on the running goal. You win some, you lose some, eh?

Lots of reading, learning and TV watching this week...

Reading 📚

Listening 🎧

My favourite this week has probably been Work in Progress with Hillary Clinton. I am already a fan of the host Sophia Bush and her podcast, this episode is a great start to the new season. As a fan of One Tree Hill, to hear the voice of Brooke Davis interview Hillary Clinton is just wonderful.

You will notice I have found *another* podcast talking about 90s pop culture 😂 I really enjoyed the Biggie and TLC episodes.

Learning 👩‍💻

I spent some time getting to know more about Umbraco .Net core. I published a blog post on building APIs in Umbraco .Net core. I also hacked a bit to get Umbraco backend and Blazor front end in one application, which was good fun!

Watching 📺

We watched the full season of The Flight Attendant in about 1.5 days over the long weekend. It was a interesting story and a great cast.

Tina, a documentary telling the story of Tina Turner including interviews with Tina herself. What an amazing (and heartbreaking) story that is. 

We have finished watching all series of Superstore. In need of suggestions for a new comedy series we can binge!

Goals for next week:

  • I am trying to stand at my desk more, hopefully help the sore neck/back.

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