Developer Diary 2021: week 32

15/08/2021 developerDiary

Meetup hosting 📹, workouts💪, TV 📺 & learning 👩‍💻

What's been happening?

I hosted the Scottish Developers meetup livestream on Wednesday. We had a great talk from Michael Staib on Graph QL in .Net, you catch watch it here. I realised this week, I used to be really nervous to speak on camera and now I managed to host this and have it be on YouTube! Still not totally comfortable with it, but happy with the progress.

After having some treatment over the last few months on my sore neck & shoulders, I have been able to workout again. Yay! Very light weights compared to when I was really strong 💪... but I'll get there.

Reading 📚 

Listening 🎧

Not alot this week as it's been so busy.

Learning 👩‍💻 - the final preview of the .Net 6 release. Great to see the new templates showing off the new language features. I have seen *alot* of conversation about this on twitter, but I personally think these are positive changes to make the framework simpler to get started with and welcome more newcomers to the .Net community.

I enjoyed hearing the rationale and design thinking around the new twitter design changes. See details here.

Watching 📺

Beckett (Netflix) - A good one for a movie night.

Malice at the Palace (Netflix) - I love a sports documentary so this was great, looking forward to the rest of the season.

One Tree Hill - I wee bit of nostalgia! I have been listening to the Drama Queens podcast by 3 of the cast recently so I have decided to watch the episodes they have been chatting about.

Premier League football is back so it's been great to have English football to watch aswell as following Scottish football.

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