Developer Diary 2021: week 13

03/04/2021 developerDiary

MVP Global Summit, a local (virtual) tech meetup, podcasts & running.

What's been happening?

This week started off with Microsoft MVP Global Summit, a (virtual, this year) conference for Microsoft MVPs to gather together with the teams who build the technologies we use... Hopefully I'll get to the real life summit one day! There were so many interesting talks and q&a sessions, it's good to hear what's upcoming.

On Tuesday we had a great Ladies of Code Glasgow meetup with talks on Cyber Resilience and TDD.

The week ended with a lovely day of walking the family dog and visiting family in the garden. A sunny day on a bank holiday, ideal.

Reading 📚 

Listening 🎧

Learning 👩‍💻

I have been learning more about Umbraco .Net core alpha, I have been building APIs. Blog post to come!

Goals for next week:

  • Running.
  • Taking time to read before bed.
  • Start learning more on Azure (start to study for exam).

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