Developer Diary 2021: week 10

13/03/2021 developerDiary

A short diary this week, but I promised myself to document the not so busy weeks aswell as the fun ones!

What's been happening?

I think last week being so busy really caught up with me this week. I have been pretty tired even with doing plenty of resting. Like alot of people, I have also found the news here in the UK quite exhausting this week.

Reading 📚

A Clinical Psychologist Shares How to Protect Your Mental Health amid a Dark News Cycle - Women's Health

Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome- HBR

Listening 🎧



Learning 👩‍💻

I heard about this cool VS Code plugin for "code tours". I am yet to have a chance to use it but I think it could be a cool way to share knowledge on a repo and get newbies to the codebase up to speed with how it all works.

I loved this article by Poornima on "Having a look at Umbraco Unicore Alpha 3 Release".

Watching 📺

Too much news! I am going to try and limit it this week.

Umbraco Community Office Hours with the dev advocates.

Football! I spent most of Saturday & Sunday watching football & Sky Sports News since Rangers won the league, then on Thursday again for Europa League. Football is usually a way to spend time with family, especially when a title is won so it's tough not to be able to see them... but celebrating virtually is still better than not celebrating at all!

Goals for next week:

  • Yoga
  • Read more (non news!)