We Are The City: Rising Star Shortlist

29/05/2017 womenintech weAreTheCity

Exciting news! I have been nominated for a rising star award by We Are The City :) The awards are focused at building and supporting the female pipeline in industry, which is something I am always up for promoting. Anyone who knows me knows how important improving the numbers of women in my industry is to me, so anything I can do to be a part of this makes me super happy!


I am nominated the technology category with 9 amazing ladies who are doing awesome, so even being on this list is an achievement I am so proud of. As cheesey as that may sound!


So many people have been in touch congratulating me and telling me they have voted for me, which is lovely. You can vote for me here if you like! Voting is open until mid June so I'll let y'all know how I get on!


As usual, say hello on Twitter :)