Developer Podcasts

15/10/2018 podcasts recommendations

A few months ago, I asked for some podcast recommendations. Much to my surprise, I received so many recommendations! I have managed to listen to many of these since then, so thought I would share some of my favourites for developers.


HanselMinutes - A classic for .Net developers.


How I Built This - This has become one for my favourites. Guy Raz interviewing company founders discussing the journey to the (sometimes) successful companies.


Developer Tea - Shorter podcasts for all areas of development, ideal for your tea break.


Recode Decode - Tech news and interviews.


SyntaxFM - This one was recommended by quite a few people! They describe it themselves as "A Tasty Treats Podcasts for Developers". 


Women In Tech Podcast - Exactly what it sounds like, a podcast interviewing awesome women in tech. 


Software Engineering Daily - Clue is in the title really, eh? A general software engineering podcast. 


Pursuit Podcast - A mix between more technical episodes and other focusing on tech culture 


Feminists Don't Wear Pink - Ok, so not really a developer specific one. But I am a developer and I love it, so it counts, right? 


The Infinite Monkey Cage - Again, not super tech focussed but generally geeky and interesting.