Developer Diary 2021: week 25 & 26

04/07/2021 developerDiary

A busy few weeks... Skipped posting last week, so a wee doubler this week!

What's been happening?

Life is starting to get busy again now restrictions are easing and the world is opening up again. Lovely to be able to plan family visits and social activities, but also pretty tiring!

I have been struggling with neck & shoulder pain, so have had several visits to chiropractor to try and resolve things. This has also encouraged me to get back to my yoga practice.

Ladies of Code meetup on Wednesday had a great talk on internationalisation.

I signed up to Polywork, a new professional social network. Profile here.

This week was my 10 year graduation anniversary! Super proud to be be able to say I have 10 years industry experience now. We often hear that stats of how likely women in tech are to switch to other industries or less hands on technical roles, so I wanted to celebrate 10 years in engineering!

Reading 📚

Still working my way through Shuggie Bain, slowly!

Also found these posts interesting:

Listening 🎧

Learning 👩‍💻

Dennis Adolfi has created a Umbraco v9 demo site. A great way to explore the new v9 RC!

I have been learning more about .Net 6 and C# 10, I wrote a blog post here.

Watching 📺

Lots of sport: Euro 2020, Wimbledon & Tour De France!

We've been rewatching Parks & Recreation from season 1.

Goals for next week:

  • Log off my computer on time!