Developer Bookclub: Hello World

02/12/2017 developerBookClub books

A few weeks ago I mentioned on Twitter I am making an effort to read more and I was looking for some techy book recommendations. I am not great at reading fiction books unless on holiday when I can totally switch off and enjoy a good thriller or murder mystery, finishing the book in a few days. In “real life”, I only manage to get a wee bits of time here and there to read and this doesn’t really work with fiction.

So many of the book recommendations are career focussed rather than technical manuals on how to actually do development. I really like this as these are the skills and lessons you can’t just google and get an answer on Stack Overflow! As I am finding myself doing more of the “people skills” side of the job as I am mentoring junior devs, I am realising that the non technical side of the job is just as important to invest time in improving as well as coding side projects.

A few people asked that I share the list of recommendations… so here we are! Amazon shopping list here! I know these won’t all necessarily be what you expect from a developer reading list but are relevant to me! For example, there are a few on being a women in tech and on building confidence as these are relevant to my own experiences and areas I’d like to work on.

I will try and do some reviews as I finish books, therefore ensuring that I NEED to give myself this time to read and get away from a computer for a while.

If you have any recommendations, please let me know! Get me on: @crgrieve