50 under 30 Women in Digital


I am super delighted to have been nominated for The Drum's 50 under 30 list on women in digital. The ladies on the list are absolutely smashing it in their specialist subject so to be on this list is awesome! I am representing for us developers as I see to be the only coder on the list.

If you are reading my blog then you probably know me at least a little in real life or on Twitter, so you will know how important raising the awareness on women in tech is for me. Lists like this are an ideal way to discuss diversity in tech by creating positive female role models rather than just complaining about the percentage of ladies and the gender pay gap. Yes, these are absolutely issues and need talked about but recently, I am trying to make sure I share the positive aswell as the tough aspects of the industry.

Hopefully at some point we won't need to have a separated list of women in digital, but for now it's a perfect way to get people talking and to celebrate those who are shaking up the male dominated culture :)

Anyway... thanks to everyone who has passed on congratulations on this and to The Drum for including me, I really do appreciate it <3